The problem of storing Bookmarks/Favorites:

I think about all the links I've lost over the years, forgetting to backup my bookmarks when moving from an old system to a new system or reinstalling the OS. OH the bookmarks I've lost - I finally quit wasting my time. I don't add bookmarks to IE or Firefox anymore. I had given up.

THEN Matt E. showed me the answer and now I have discovered (yes, i know - where have i been) and it is Now I am able. And I haven't begun to discuss the community aspects of this system, the relationships. The new sites I have found. And yet its so basic, so utterly simple, yet so useful.

The 'Bookmarks' / 'Favorites' menu in the browsers are AWFUL and haven't changed since 1995. Firefox tried to make it better by making them RSS aware, but that was a failed attempt IMHO. Let's hope they can glean some knowledge from from and raise the bar somehow.

Now if someone could figure out how to tie together with my browser (aside from the obvious) we'd really have a good solution.

Where and what are my links you ask? ->


  1. Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

  2. Don't know what that last comment was about, but anyway...

    I think I could get into, but right now I have all of the blogs I read and links I use on a Google homepage, and I'm liking the way that works. I can search, scan for new blog entries, and get to any of my bookmarks from one page, and that's handy. Not to mention my fingers are trained to type '' into an address bar before I have a conscious thought about where I'm going.

    If you know of any real gold nuggets in the service, (like the community of the system and how you found new sites) I'd love to hear it.

  3. Yes - indeed google is where I usually start as well - i also use a custom portal start page that have a bunch of rss feeds and the like. That works great for keeping track of new blog posts. But for storing bookmarks to articles I want to keep on hand, that doesn't quite solve my problem.

    The real problem comes in when I want to keep track of links to specific articles, FAQ's, documentation, howto's, etc. - and just plain old links.

    What I like about [the 'gold nuggets' :)] is the fact that it keeps a list of my links that I can organize using tags. Being able to filter each tag is the one feature I really love. When I build up a list of over 1000 links, I'll still be able to navigate them with ease, using a combination of the tags and the search feature - its a smarter interface then a Hierachy (i.e. the Bookmarks/Favorites menu in the browser) or a straight list (i.e. a list if link generated in html).

    Once I post a link to, I can see who else posted the same link and I can go look at all their links - typically they have other information or sites bookmaked that interest me, but I wouldn't have necessarily found on my own.

    Another nice feature is the 'inbox' - I can subscribe to a 'tag' and then when I check the inbox, I see all new links posted by other users in the system that marked a link with that 'tag'.

  4. All right, you sold me. I'll use Google for my blogs, feeds and commonly used links, and I'll use for my bookmarks.

    And I'll need a link in my Google page to, of course!