Hackers Steal Sensitive Data using Digital Cameras

While reading this article, I was struck with how stupid technology jargon for doing naughty things with a computer is becoming.

What is UP with the stupid trendy names - it reminds me of the juvenile language started originally in the cracking/hacking communities and is now considered the language of script kiddies - leet speak or l33t sp3@k if you prefer. Most of us just make fun of it...

So to test your new vocabulary, I'll write out some words and you pick the correct definition:

a. a rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion that is liable to sniffle
b. camel with a cold
c. using a digital camera to steal corporate sensitive data

a. Pod person drinking a slushy
b. using an iPod to steal corporate sensitive data
c. a blended drink made of the dryish fruit of a plant that contains one to many seeds

a. using a bluetooth device to steal sensitive corporate data
b. the blue light district in the London Borough of Wandsworth in south London
c. carouse: revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party

Yea yea, i made up bluetooting, but it will be on the front page of the tech news next week.

Give me a break....


  1. Or you can use a bluetooth enabled iPod cam to steal sensitive corporate data through Bluecampodsniffleslurping.

  2. Found another good one from /.:

    "PostIt snatching" - 7 for orginality, 0 for creativity.