How NOT to do Web Security

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This is a great post on how NOT to do client authentication:


Modify WinXP CMD Prompt to Match ABC's Lost Computer Prompt

I’ve been watching ABC’s TV show Lost religiously lately and while using cmd.exe this week at work, a silly idea came to me. I was reminded of the old DOS days and playing with the look and feel of the command prompt and I realized how trivial it would be to change it to match the prompt from the Lost TV Series….

It’s as simple as this:
1. Open the Control Panel
2. Choose “System”
3. Click on the “Advanced” Tab.
4. Click the “Environment Variables” button at the bottom.
5. Choose the “New” button on either the User or System sections to modify the command prompt for just the current logged in your or the entire system.
6. In “Variable name:” put PROMPT
7. In “Variable value:” put ‘$g: ‘ (leave out the quotes, but leave a trailing space).

The $g maps to the ‘>’ character. See: Microsoft Windows XP - Prompt for customizing the prompt for cmd.exe

8. Click “OK”
Now Start -> Run and type: cmd and you should see your change. I also adjusted the colors to green and command prompt size to large to further make it similar. Hitting ATL-ENTER blows up the cmd window full screen giving it the most likeness...

Creating this effect for your account on a un*x system would be trivial as well by using 'set prompt = ">: " command. I don't have one handy or I'd try it out.


.NET Kicks

If you’re familiar with and you’re a .NET software developer, you might find the .NET Kicks web site an interesting social network to find a good repository for code snippets, articles, HOWTO’s and coding practices. I have tried posting .NET specific articles to Digg, but it's not really the right community of people to care about those sorts of topics.