DnDns - Updated!

10:38 PM j. montgomery 3 Comments

I've finally got around to patching a few bugs in DnDns. I've not posted a new Release yet, so you'll need to get latest and re-build. There was a pretty major bug in the DNS Lable decompression method that I've fixed so you'll want to make sure you get at least changeset #18865 from Codeplex.
The following issues have been fixed:

  1. Bug decompressing DNS Labels when resolving any DNS name. This only tends to pop up more when there were a lot of query results for a query. It turns out I was truncating six of the most significant bits of the byte pointer offset when unpacking the DNS labels.

  2. A few cast errors in the SrvRecord class had the Port and a couple other properties always returning zero.

  3. Finally, I added a UDP Socket timeout so that the socket wouldn't wait forever before timing out if the server wasn't responsive.

Thanks to those who were nice enough to post the issues on the CodePlex site. Changeset 18865 contains all of the above fixes.


  1. Thank you, this library was a life saver working with SPID records for Net Numbers and staying in managed code!

  2. Matt - Excellent to hear! Glad you found it helpful.

  3. Thank you for sharing the library. I've downloaded v3 library which appears to take an extra param than your examples, what is DnDns.Security.IMessageSecurityProvider? Can you give an example use? Many thanks